Microsoft updates the number of allowed companies in Business Central

Jun 6, 2023

Multicompany functionality in Business Central

Microsoft’s Business Central offers robust multi-company functionality, enabling organizations to efficiently manage multiple entities within a single environment. This feature has been highly advantageous for businesses with diverse operations, subsidiaries, or branch offices. With Business Central’s multicompany functionality, organizations can streamline their financial, operational, and reporting processes while maintaining separate books settings, and data for each entity. It provides a unified platform for managing and analyzing data across multiple companies. Recently, Microsoft made an important update regarding the number of companies that can be accommodated in a single environment in Business Central.

How many companies can you have in Business Central?

Business Central has long been able to accommodate multiple companies within a single environment. This functionality has been particularly beneficial for organizations that operate across various regions, have multiple subsidiaries, or manage diverse lines of business. Until recently, there was no limit on the number of companies that could be included in Business Central. However, Microsoft has now introduced a restriction that will be rolled out during the 2023 release wave 1 of Business Central. With this update, organizations will have a maximum limit of 300 companies per environment in Business Central.

Implications of this update

This update will primarily affect organizations that utilize Business Central’s multicompany functionality. Organizations that have already implemented or plan to implement Business Central as their business management solution will need to consider the implications of this update. It is important for these organizations to assess their current company structure and determine if they are within the newly imposed limit of 300 companies per environment.

Organizations currently housing more than 300 companies within a single environment are advised to take proactive steps. To avoid future complications, Microsoft recommends distributing the companies across multiple environments. This approach ensures a smooth transition and minimizes disruptions that may arise due to the company limit implementation.

For organizations using Business Central, we recommend taking the proactive measures:

  • Assess current company distribution – evaluate the number of companies within your environment to determine if it exceeds the newly imposed limit
  • Develop a distribution strategy – If your current company count exceeds 300, create a plan to distribute the companies across multiple environments to prevent potential operational challenges
  • Seek Microsoft support – Reach out to a dedicated Business Central partner for guidance and assistance in distributing companies, managing multiple environments, and navigating this transition effectively

Contact a Microsoft partner to learn more

The recent update regarding the maximum number of companies allowed in Business Central marks an important change that organizations utilizing the multicompany functionality need to be aware of. To navigate this update successfully and make the most of Business Central’s multicompany functionality, it is recommended to seek the support and guidance of a Microsoft partner. The right Business Central partner can provide valuable insights, tailored solutions, and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition.