Microsoft announces update plans for Dynamics GP

Nov 11, 2022

Dynamics GP will no longer receive major updates, but Microsoft pledges continued support

Recently, Microsoft held one of their annual events, Community Summit North America. During a session dedicated to Dynamics GP, a Microsoft representative spoke about the future of the ERP. It was indicated during the session that the October 2022 release would be the final release with major feature updates. This has since been clarified by Microsoft but has understandably generated a lot of conversation within the GP community. In this post we will attempt to provide clarity on what this announcement means and how it will affect GP users.

What does this mean for GP users?

Essentially, nothing has really changed. To provide clarification on this announcement, Mike Morton, Microsoft’s Vice President for Dynamics 365 Business Central, provided an update in a LinkedIn post. In his post, he states Microsoft is fully committed to supporting their Dynamics GP customers. This dedication and support will include new releases for the foreseeable future on the same timeline and schedule as outlined in the GP Modern Support Lifecycle. This means that GP users can be confident in using their system to run their business for years to come.

These new releases will contain regulatory updates, security updates, and hotfixes to ensure GP is always up to date. Additionally, these new releases will include updates in usability, reliability, top customer issues, and other areas that are critical to ensure businesses can run successfully on Dynamics GP.

What does no new features release mean?

Microsoft has since clarified that no new features mean that there will be no new modules or major functionality introduced for Dynamics GP. Microsoft does not expect to release significant new features and capabilities in Dynamics GP such as new modules. Instead, Microsoft plans to direct its focus on investing in significant new features, capabilities, and modules for their Dynamics 365 cloud offerings.

How long will Dynamics GP be supported?

Dynamics GP is governed by the Modern Lifecycle policy. This policy means that GP will continuously receive support, hotfixes, tax, and security updates from Microsoft. To demonstrate their commitment to Dynamics GP, Microsoft released an updated lifecycle roadmap that shows active development and support for their product, indicating that GP is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Dynamics GP Roadmap

Dynamics GP is further supported by dedicated Microsoft Partners

Dynamics GP is further supported and enhanced by partners that can support, add value, and enhance the features of this mature ERP system. Whether you already have one or are looking for a new Dynamics GP partner, your dedicated partner can help address any concerns or questions from this recent announcement. Additionally, a partner can help determine if your business should stay on Dynamics GP or move to a cloud-based solution.