Microsoft announces Viva Sales

Aug 24, 2022

Microsoft launches Viva Sales to revolutionize the selling experience

In June 2022, Microsoft announced a new product that will transform the way businesses sell and engage with their customers. Viva Sales is an intelligent selling experience that brings together any customer relationship management (CRM) technology, Microsoft 365, and Teams to provide a more streamlined and AI-powered selling experience. The product will soon be made generally available, and its impact on sales productivity is expected to be significant.

What is Viva Sales?

Microsoft’s Viva Sales is a comprehensive sales solution that brings together multiple business applications and data sources to create a unified and streamlined selling experience. The product’s main features include personalized insights, intelligent coaching, and collaborative selling, all designed to enhance sales productivity and customer engagement. Viva Sales integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams, making it easy for sellers to access the information and tools they need to close deals. The product’s user-friendly interface and integration capabilities are intended to make it easy for sellers to adopt and use.

With Viva Sales, everything a salesperson needs to do their job is brought together in one place, where they already spend most of their day, in calls, meetings, and chats. This application empowers sellers to be more connected with their customers, resulting in more personalized customer engagements, and closed deals faster. Viva Sales is like a sales coach to move deals along with recommendations and reminders, providing sellers with the information they need to help them be more productive.

Microsoft Viva Sales

How can Viva Sales benefit businesses

By leveraging Viva Sales, businesses can gain greater visibility into their sales processes and identify opportunities for improvement. The product’s personalized insights and intelligent coaching features provide sellers with actionable recommendations and best practices that help them close deals more effectively. The collaborative selling feature enables sellers to work together on deals, ensuring that all team members are aligned and have the information they need to engage with customers. Additionally, Viva Sales is designed to reduce administrative tasks and streamline the sales process, giving sellers more time to focus on selling and engaging with customers.

Viva Sales includes a range of powerful features to enhance sales operations including:

  • AI-driven analytics and reporting
  • Automated workflows
  • Sales coaching and training
  • Content management and collaboration
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

General availability of Viva Sales

After the announcement of Viva Sales, Microsoft announced they will make the product generally available to businesses in September 2022. The product’s general availability will include new features such as pipeline management, deal health, and sales performance analytics. With these features, sellers can track their sales performance and identify areas for improvement, enabling them to refine their sales strategies and close more deals. Viva Sales will also be available on mobile devices, making it easy for sellers to stay connected and engage with customers on the go.

Want to learn more?

Viva Sales is a game-changing product that is set to transform the way businesses sell and engage with customers. If you are interested in leveraging the power of Viva Sales, you can acquire the solution through the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. Working with a partner can offer several benefits, including access to expert guidance and support throughout the implementation process, as well as ongoing maintenance and optimization of the solution. The right Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner can integrate Viva Sales to your existing systems and customize the solution to meet your unique business needs, helping you get the most value out of Viva Sales.